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Особистий стиліст. Your style fairy

Ви можете звернутись до мене з будь-яким питанням, дотичним до гардеробу:

Я покладаюся на сезонну систему кольоротипів Сьюзан Кейджил (Suzanne Caygill).




[ENG] Whenever you find yourself struggling to adjust the wardrobe to your personality, lifestyle challenges or professional environment, seek no more. Here I am to help you.

With perceptive eyes, trained by abundant aesthetic experiences and hardcore color theory, helped by solid knowledge of fashion history, I inspect your closet and not only do I carefully fix it, but also equip you with valuable hints that will assist you in maintaining the impeccable style for decades to come.

As it is sunk with passion for "saving the world with beauty", the analysis I provide to you is deeply rooted in your personal traits, life choices and circumstances, thus helping you to learn new facets of your uniqueness, the intricate ways they influence your visual image, and clues to perfect harmony between your looks and your inner world.

You can count on my assistance in fluent English.

I am looking forward to get on this exciting journey with you! You can reach me via

[POL] Lepiej po Polsku? Nie ma problemu, pomogę Ci z odnaleźieniem siebie we własnej garderobie. Napisz mi:

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